Javascript this as a parameter

This is not this object!
Javascript is really unexpected in term of object orientation, particularly for me that I come from a Java background. The least expected surprised I got from the object reference this. Consider the following jQuery each example:

list = $("ul");
[  <ul id=​"letters">​ <li>​A​</li> <li>​B​</li>​     <li>​C​</li>​     </ul>​ ];
$("li").each(function(){ console.log( $(this).text() ) });

This happens thanks to jQuery, binding the this object to the item over which it iterates. For instance, if we use Underscore, we would have a … Continue Reading

Full-life employment

After re-reading some recent questions in On Startups: Startups and full time jobs  and Starting with no real industry experience I came with the conclusion that full-life employment are incompatible with part-time startups. If you feel drained at the end of each an everyday after work, there is no energy left for entrepreneur activities, actually for any activity. This is usually the result of the “Software as a Sausage” approach of management.

My two cent on the matter,  from … Continue Reading